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QR Payments

Process all your payments from your smartphone Easy, Fast and Securely.

Send and receive money from home

You can send and receive money from your friends, family and business partners at the comfort of your home.

Enjoy our promotions and discounts

Enjoy the exclusive promotions and discounts that we have exclusively for our eCloudATM users

Take control of your money management with eCloudATM


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Add money to your eCloudATM wallet from our affiliated merchants, banks and also your friends and family

Send and Receive

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You can also send and receive money from your friends, partners, and associates in an easy, fast, and reliable way


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Making payments at your favorite stores, restaurants and other locations has never been so easy, fast, and secure


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Withdraw money using your smartphone through our affiliated merchants and banks

Nobody cares for you like we do

Your data

Security of your data is our priority; we work 24/7 to protect our platform from cyber attacks. We are transparent in collecting, using, and safeguarding your personal information and your money.


We are regulated by The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), our MSB # M20193055.

Exclusive Promotions and Discounts

With the eCloudATM app you will have access to the best promotions and discounts in the market.

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  • - Exclusive promotions and discounts based on your current location