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About eCloudATM

Through our innovative & visionary talent, our purpose is quite simple… we make life easier for you by revolutionizing the way money is handled.

Our friendly intellectual & driven partners have embraced technology to deliver a reduced cost, and easy execution experience for all! 


Our benefits for you


Get $10.00 for referring your friends

Tell your friends to join the BetaTest and for the first 10 friends to use your code when signing up with us and you will get 1 dollar per friend.

Earn $35.00 buying from our merchants

By downloading our App, you will receive a $35 coupon, in which you are able to spend $3.50 per merchant.

Nobody cares for you like we do

Your data

Security of your data is our priority; we work 24/7 to protect our platform from cyber attacks. We are transparent in collecting, using, and safeguarding your personal information and your money.


We are regulated by The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), our MSB # M20193055.